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Tp see a good collection of deterrents please click bird deterrents and also  pest control Once there navigat around the sites to see the different bird deterrents.

Bird watching is a love and a hobbie for many people over the years. To sit and watch different birds come to your garden can be quite a treat. Watching them make their nests and feeding their babies is a lovely way to watch nature at work, but what do you do when nature starts to take a hold of your life and becomes quite a nightmare for you.

All of a sudden you find flocks of birds invading your property amassing a massive sixty transmittable diseases in their droppings all over your home and garden. Making nests that have four to five broods a year that are hardened by dead feces and droppings and unhatched eggs.
These birds have become pests and the problem is how to get rid of them. The worst kind of pest is undoubtly the rock dove pigeon. They tend to migrate to the same places every year and go to the same nesting place and making new nests on old ones. Hence the reason for the unsightly nest that they have.

How can you get rid of these pests you may ask. There are a few different options to this but the first would be to clean up the area if need be.
These are the four stages of the pre-elimination of your pests;

1/ Stop anyone feeding the birds.
2/ Clean up the garbage areas and trash bins so there’s no food to peck at.
3/ Eliminate any other food sources that you might see.
4/ The most important ot the four would be to get rid of any nesting or roosting areas.

When choosing a solution for your bird problems, there are a number of bird deterrents that you can go for. It depends on what kind of money you want to spend if any.

Ultrasonic Bird Control - Bird-X Bird BroadBand Pro Sonic Pest Repeller

If you have a large area of land that you want to keep the birds away from, then your going to have to invest some money into a motion activated rotary arm. Unfortuatly gone are the days of the good old scarecrow. Birds are just not frightened of them any more so hence these devices.

One choice is the Predatory motion activated spinning arm. This tends to have a predatory bird that is perched on the end of a long arm that starts to spin when activated by an incoming bird. The bird sees the predator and flies away in fear.
Next comes the Whirly birds. This device sits on a platform and has long arms that whizz round when activated by an incoming bird. The good thing about this system is that it can be solar powered to save money on the batteries which the others are driven by.


The Jet spray repeller that connects to a hose and will spray a five second jet of water when activated by an incoming bird.
Bird repeller ribbon is a cheap way to get rid of nuisance birds.

This has a holographic surface which reflects light as flashes and scares the birds.
If you want to stop birds from perching on your roof or chimney the bird spikes may be your best option as they stop a bird from landing on your roof.
Another friendly way would be to use bird netting for your house eaves and under canopies to stop any nesting.
Lastly is the shock system. This is a track that is layed in landing places so when the bird touches the track it will get a mild shock to scare them away.

The main thing is that you have to change the birds migrational habbits as far as your property is concerned then you stand a fighting chance to clean up your home from the pests that annoy our lives.

To see a good collection of deterrents please click bird deterrents and also  pest control Once there navigate around the sites to see the diferent bird deterrents available.

Geese Deterrent - Landscape Management

Bird-B-Gone Mist is an advanced fogging system that releases a grape-scented mist into the air to deter geese from large open spaces. The unit distributes methyl anthranilate, a grape extract proven to be effective in repelling pest.

Getting Rid of Woodpeckers » Bird Spikes

As a review, homeowners who already have existing damage to their home should begin by employing at least one exclusionary deterrent. Examples of this type of woodpecker deterrent include bird control netting and metal flashing.

Protecting Your Boat from Pest Birds  

Bird deterrents are designed to discourage birds from choosing your boat as a perch. Some products and techniques require no maintenance and are very easy to install, the best part of all: the products are bird friendly.

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